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    iBusiness Banking Easter Bank Holiday Message

    Friday 3 April and Monday 6 April 2015 are Bank Holidays in the UK.

    Please allow additional time for your payment to reach the beneficiary. 

    Please ensure that your payments are submitted early to avoid any potential delays. 

    Payment Type Important Information
    Domestic Payments The execution timeframes for Domestic Payments to other financial institutions submitted between Thursday 2 April and Monday 6 April 2015 will be extended by one additional business day.
    International Payments

    - Cannot be processed on Friday 3 April or on Monday 6 April 2015

    - The execution timeframes for International Payments submitted between Thursday 2 April and Monday 6 April 2015 may be extended by one additional business day.  

    Payment Files

    - iBP

    Payment files submitted for execution after the cut off time or requesting execution on Friday 3 April to Monday 6 April will not be executed until Tuesday 7 April 2015 with the standard execution timeframes.


    • Some banks may apply funds to the beneficiary account prior to the stated date above.
    • For iBP users please refer to the ‘message’ section within your iBB profile for more specific information.

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    What's New in iBB

    • Full size window

    As an enhancement to our service you can now carry out all of your internet banking functions in full screen mode. You are no longer restricted to viewing iBB on the top left hand corner of your screen. The dimensions of the screen can be changed to the required size by clicking and dragging the edge of the window.


    • Available Funds

    You can now view 'Available Funds' on any (sterling) current accounts held on iBB. 'Available Funds' means the amount of funds in your account that you may withdraw. The 'Available Funds' balance will take into consideration all uncleared effects and any overdraft facility available on the account. This balance does not include the amount of any cheques you have lodged to your account that have not yet cleared.


    • Help Centre

    iBB 'Help' is changing and we have launched a new Help Centre which features demos, tutorials and includes a frequently asked questions section. Once you're securely logged into iBB simply select the 'Help' button and follow our step by step guide through the various payments and processes.

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iBB Documentation

Help Centre

If you have any queries on iBB or any of our services please go to our new Help Centre where you will find answers to all your service queries.


Security or Fraud

Please note that First Trust Bank NEVER request any log in or personal details via email. If you have received an email asking for your Online Banking / iBusiness Banking details please forward the email you received to alert@aib.ie and then immediately delete the email. DO NOT click on any links in the email.


This email address (alert@aib.ie) is a collection point for notifications of potential ONLINE FRAUD (for example if you receive an email that appears to be from First Trust Bank or AIB, which you believe to be bogus).

For further information regarding security and Online Banking please visit our Security Centre.