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    IBAN only change – Coming Soon

    In February 2016, there is a compulsory SEPA regulatory change regarding IBAN and Swift (BIC) requirements. 


    To prepare for this, we will be making some changes to iBusiness Banking.


    You will notice that when creating a beneficiary or SEPA payment, the BIC will be added automatically based on the IBAN entered. If a BIC cannot be found for the IBAN entered, you will then be prompted to enter the corresponding BIC.

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    Manage my Standing Orders in iBB

    Having listened to our customers’ suggestions, we have introduced changes that allow iBB users to set up, amend and cancel an active Standing Order as well as view inactive Standing Orders on your Current Accounts.


    How will this benefit you?

    The benefit of providing Users with the ability to set up, amend and cancel an active Standing Order reduces the need for customers to complete and submit paper forms to their branch. Any changes the User makes will take effect immediately without the need for the bank to process them.


    NOTE: For set-up, amendment and cancellation, where the authorisation is received after the relevant payment cut off times, the User will be advised that it will be held and released for processing on the next business day.


    Additional information

    We suggest you review the updated ‘User Guide’ and Demo Videos available in our iBB Help Centre to familiarise yourself with this new functionality. We have put a series of videos in our iBB Help Centre to show users how to view, amend and cancel Standing Orders. Click on the Help button in iBB and check the ‘What are customers asking us most section’.

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    Minimising The Potential For CHAPS Payments Delays

    First Trust Bank will endeavour to ensure CHAPS payments are received by the beneficiary on the same day as the payment is made.


    However, there are a number of steps and multiple financial institutions involved from payment initiation until actual payment receipt.

    Therefore, if you are using iBB to facilitate CHAPS payments you should be aware that there is the potential for CHAPS payment(s) delays, which are often beyond the control of First Trust Bank.


    In order to minimise any potential for payment delays, the following steps should be taken when making CHAPS payments via iBB:


    • Ensure as much information as possible is included within the payment instruction, and all available data fields are completed with valid customer data where possible
    • In particular, ensure the full address of the beneficiary is included within each payment instruction 
    • Try not to use abbreviation(s) in any payment instruction, using full names at all times where possible 
    • Allow sufficient time from generating the payment instruction on iBB to payment receipt by the beneficiary, as payments generated later in the day risk delay in the event that minor payment queries cannot be resolved before daily cut-off times


    Following the steps above will reduce the potential for experiencing payment delays in terms of your payment reaching its intended beneficiary.


    Please be assured that everything will be done by First Trust Bank to try to ensure CHAPS payments are received by the beneficiary on the same day as payment initiation.

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    Email Fraud Alert

    NEW Fraudulent Screens on iBB


    We are aware of new fraudulent messages that are being used in an attempt to trick customers into making fraudulent payments on iBB. You may be asked to key codes provided by iBB into your Digipass.


    iBB will never ask you to do this.


    Examples of some of the fraudulent messages are:


    The computer you are trying to log onto has not been recognized. Changes in AIB Cookies Policy require you to confirm your identity. You can do this by using your iBusiness Banking (iBB) Digipass, or visit your local branch for assistance. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience it may cause.


    For more information, go to our Common Frauds and Threats page.

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If you have any queries on iBB or any of our services please go to our new Help Centre where you will find answers to all your service queries.


Security or Fraud

Please note that First Trust Bank NEVER request any log in or personal details via email. If you have received an email asking for your Online Banking / iBusiness Banking details please forward the email you received to alert@aib.ie and then immediately delete the email. DO NOT click on any links in the email.


This email address (alert@aib.ie) is a collection point for notifications of potential ONLINE FRAUD (for example if you receive an email that appears to be from First Trust Bank or AIB, which you believe to be bogus).

For further information regarding security and Online Banking please visit our Security Centre.